Review/Preview Inquiries

If you’ve clicked here, you may be interested in having Cloak and Meeple review or preview your game! Fantastic! To make things easier for all of us, I have decided to give you a list of guidelines for you to see if we should proceed with things.

Updated July 24, 2018

Let me know first is this is a review or preview request.

This seems like a simple thing, but it is very important. I do previews and reviews a little different, and it is important you let me know, so it gets done the right way. To help you out, a preview is for a game that is not available on the market. Generally, a preview is for a game that will be going on a crowdfunding site (ie: Kickstarter or Indigogo). A review is for a game that anyone can purchase immediately at their FLGS or somewhere online.

Try and be able to get your game to me at least 1 month before you need a review/preview published.

Just let me know if you need it by a particular date. I try to post my videos on Wednesdays and Fridays. If given less than 30 days (from the time I receive the game) to get a video posted, I will ask for a $50 “rush fee”.

If the game is going to be on a crowd-funding site (Kickstarter or Indigogo), when does the campaign start?

I want my video to be in sync with the beginning of your campaign. Publishing a video when a project is past its halfway point is, in my opinion, not ideal for either of us. I prefer to have the maximum impact possible.

Sorry, no Print and Play games.

Some games are really easy to print at home. Some games are near impossible to do. I have decided to avoid Print and Play versions of games that I am required to assemble myself.

Do you have any graphics I can use in my video?

I especially ask for 2 particular ones. I ask for some game art (box art or something from the game) to use in the splash screen where I overlay text with the player count and play time. If you also have a logo for the game or your company, I may be able to add that to the presentation.

Can’t part with a prototype? It’s ok…

I’ve had some games that were prototypes and could not keep. (Some of which, I did not want to send back!) If this is the case, just let me know. I can send it back, at your expense, and I will track it to make sure it gets to where it needs to go. (I love tracking packages) I’ve sent games back via UPS and USPS with no fuss.

I try to keep my channel PG(ish).

I want to keep Cloak and Meeple as PG(ish) as possible. If your game is very “adult” in nature, I may not be interested. As an example, I have not played, nor will I review Cards Against Humanity. Nothing against the game, many many people enjoy it. It is just not for me. I don’t mind some adult humor, but if it is the central theme of your game, I will most likely pass.

I will also pass on drinking games since I do rarely drink.

Reviews are free. I now charge for previews.

  • Reviews (published games only): $0*
  • Previews: $100* (payable via PayPal).

*Rush Fee: (under 30 days) additional $50 (payable via PayPal)

When is the fee due?

I don’t like to collect my fees until after I have produced the content. After we agree to have a video made, if there is a fee due, I will send an invoice via PayPal after the video is made.

Don’t have something board game or geek related?

Let me know what you got. I’m all about making this hobby great. Gaming accessories help do that just as much as the games themselves! Playmats, dice, minis, clothing… All welcome here!

This list is not set in stone.

These are just guidelines. Lines can be blurred sometimes. If you have something that you think I may like but doesn’t fit the mold, let me know. Never hurts to ask.

If you are still here and interested in getting in contact with me, please fill out the form below or email me @

Yours in Gaming,