Review, Rampage


Published by Repos Production and Asmodee

Designed by Antoine Bauza & Ludovic Maublanc

Rampage, or Terror in Meeple City as it will be republished as, is a dexterity game were you take on the role of a monster set to destroy a small city and eat it’s denizens. You will do so by jumping on buildings, blowing them down, or tossing a vehicle into them.  But you do have to be wary of other monsters trying to accomplish the same goal.

All of the actions you take require some physical action to accomplish it.  To move, you flick your monster’s feet.  This is hard to perfect.  Too soft and you barely move, too hard you end up far from where you intended, or even worse, you fly off the board and have to take a penalty.  Taking a breath action really puts you into the game, quite literally.  You must place your chin on top of your monster, inhale and then blow (no taking a breath before!).

Every floor and meeple that you manage to eat will go into your stomach, behind your player board.  If, in your chaos and destruction, you knock over a fellow monster, you get to break off one of their teeth (on their player board) and place it in your stomach.

Each monster has 3 cards.  These will give each monster a special scoring goal and 2 special abilities.

At the end of the game, everyone totals their score and monster with the highest wins!

This game is a blast to play.  But it does take a little to set up and build the city.  I times myself and doing it solo with no help, it took me just over 7 minuets to construct.  With everyone’s help, it will take a lot less!

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