Podcast Spotlight

Podcast Spotlight, The Dice Tower

I’ve been asked before, where do I get my information about board games. Well, a few years ago, I discovered The Dice Tower.

The Dice Tower is a fantastic board game podcast.  But it is so much more.  Tom Vasel, the founder of The Dice Tower, is without a doubt the #1 guru of board games. He is a wealth of knowledge.  He is not afraid to tell you a game is bad, and is ecstatic to tell you when a game is fantastic!

The Podcast starts off with some typical banter about what have you been playing.  There are several segments, one of which is called Tale of Board Gaming Horror.  Co-host Eric Summerer tells a story of when something went horribly awry with a board game.  I love this segment.  They also do great top 10 lists. The podcast is a great place to begin when getting into the hobby of board games.

If you are new to the hobby, I suggest listening to their Dice Tower #0 episode.  In it they explain a little about the hobby and some of the terms that are used.

The Dice Tower goes beyond a typical podcast though.  On the website, there are reviews from Tom Vasel, Eric Summerer, and other contributors.  They have more top 10 lists, and even some top 100 lists!  Also they have the Dice Tower Network.  It is a collection of fantastic other podcasts that are great!

So if you are new or old to the hobby and have not subscribed to The Dice Tower, please do so!

You can find The Dice Tower at http://www.dicetower.com/ and you can follow Tom Vasel on Twitter @thedicetower.  Also if you wanted to subscribe on iTunes, please click here!

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