Review, Dungeon Roll

Dungeon Roll

Published by Tasty Mistrial Games

Designed by Chris Durden

Dungeon Roll is the first game I’ve ever backed on Kickstarter. Actually, to date, it is the only game I’ve ever Kickstarted. I couldn’t be happier with what I have.

The game is simple, fun, fast, and easy. And who doesn’t love the sound of dice clacking on the table? What will you get? Will your party be a little of everything? Or will you roll all mages to form the Hogwart’s Express of dungeon delving teams? How far do you dare go into the dungeon? Dare you go one more time with just a thief and a scroll? Is the dragon close to being awoken?

Also, the box is part of the game itself! Whenever you decide to unlock a treasure chest, you reach into the game box and pull out a treasure token! (Now, while I have the Kickstarter exclusive mimic box, I have yet to bitten.)

This is a great game. I like it with 2 players, but it does well with 3 or 4. There is a little downtime when you are not the adventure or rolling the dungeon, but it is a blast to cheer on (or taunt) your opponents. Last time I played, I played with some new players. They picked up the game very quickly. They all had a good time, so this is on the top of the request list when games are being played. It plays very quickly, and can be played in between games, or when you are waiting for others to arrive for your big RPG night.

 If you like dungeons, if you like dice, and if you like fun, then I highly suggest you get this game.

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