The plan…

Here’s how I plan on doing things…

  • Reviews…

Rules? Rules are boring. I, generally, won’t be explaining the rules of the games. I just want to tell you how I feel about the games. Did I like it, did it take too long, is it boring with two players, but fantastic with four? This is the info I plan on giving in my reviews.

  • Game night grub…

It’s game night. It’s all about the games, but let’s not forget about the food. I will post some of my favorite recipes that are great for game night. I am not a trained chef, though I did get a solid B in Home Ec.

  • More…

If I find something else that I think you might enjoy hearing about, I’ll let you know. Podcasts, cool t-shirts, local friendly game stores, ect.

Happy Gaming!

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